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About the Terminator..

After Ford had struggled with the production issues with the 1999 SVT Cobra, and struggled to keep up with the competition with the 2001 SVT Cobra, they went the proverbial all-in with the 2003 SVT Cobra. Lovably nicknamed the Terminator, it was conceived due to Ford’s desire to terminate any and all discussions surrounding which manufacturer — Ford, GM, or Pontiac — had the fastest pony car, and terminate it did.


Gone was the previous, naturally aspirated engine, and in its place was a forged engine, with new cam shafts, sporting a Roots-type Eaton supercharger, increasing the power output to 390hp and 390lb.-ft. of torque. At 2000rpm the Terminator produced more torque than its 2001 predecessor did at its peak. It was the most powerful production Mustang Ford had ever unleashed upon the public.


Despite the added weight from the stronger engine and supercharger, resulting in a 54-46 front to back weight distribution, the Terminator handled admirable due to extensive suspension upgrading and tuning. The exterior also received extensive front and rear updates, with a new front fascia allowing increased cooling while emphasizing the SVT Cobra’s wide, bulldog like stance.

About Red Dragon..

This particular 2003 SVT Cobra, named after Will Ferrell’s car in the movie ‘Old School’, is not quite like the rest. Coming near to redefining the word ‘built’, it has been transformed into a very street capable, all-out drag car. No longer in need of carving corners, the independent rear suspension is gone in favor of a much stronger solid rear axle, and an automatic transmission has taken the place of the stock, manual transmission.


In the front, skinny tires keep the weight down while pointing everything straight in the quarter mile. In the rear, massive drag radial tires attempt to make good use of the abnormal amount of torque from the Whipple supercharger sitting on top of the fully built, high compression race engine, which is no longer feeding on regular pump gas, but instead high octane E85, with a power output easily double that of  a stock Terminator. In fact, enough power to make Ford’s otherwise exceptional super car, the 550hp Ford GT, seem like your average family hybrid sedan. This SVT Cobra is a true 9 second car — with 10 second luck.


As things are with all purpose built project cars, not much has been left untouched, and every new component has been carefully selected. To call the build list extensive is an understatement so here it is in all its detailed glory.


  • .020” overbore stock iron block, built with Diamond flat top pistons, Total seal AP steel rings, Trend .200” wall wrist pins, using a stock forged crank shaft,  a Cloyes HD crank sprocket, and a Melling 10227 oil pump.
  • MHS ported heads with Ford Racing FR500 cams, and Manley valve springs, and Cloyes Hex Adjust cam sprockets.
  • FRPP 2.3 Whipple supercharger at 21 psi, breathing through a JLT high boost intake, Accufab single blade throttle body, and custom ported blower inlet and lower intake.

Street Exhaust

  • JBA 1-3/4” mid-length headers,  3” Stainless works high-flow cats, 3” Prochamber, all the way to 2.5” Magnaflow  mufflers with 3” tips.

Track Exhaust

  • 3” X-pipe with no catalytic converters, and with 3” Magnaflow mufflers dumped before the rear axle.

E85 Fuel system

  • Glennsperformance sumped Cobra tank with dual Jayracing “Pro 044” pumps.
  • FORE black fuel rails holding ID1000 injectors.
  • FUELAB fuel pressure regulator.

Front suspension

  • UPR K-member and A-arms.
  • Tokico “drag” Illumina adjustable front struts.
  • UPR  coilovers with 14” 175lbs springs.
  • UPR shark camber/caster plates.
  • Flaming river steering rack.
  • Maximum Motorsports anti bumpsteer tie rod ends and solid motor mounts.
  • Tubular subframe connectors.

Rear suspension

  • Team Z double heim joint upper and lower control arms.
  • UPR Battle Box torque box reinforcements, and a custom rear strut tower brace, with all torquebox and shock tower seams welded.
  • Afco double adjustable rear coilover shocks.
  • Maximum motorsports adjustable 1”X.120” anti roll bar.

Wheels & Tires

  • Centerline Terminator Telestar 15”X4” front, and 15”X10” rear rims wearing  Mickey Thompson 26”X7.5” Sportsman tires up front, and either M&H Racemaster 325-50-15 Drag radial tires, or Mickey Thompson 28”X10.5” Stiffwall ET DRAG slick tires in the rear.


  • Aerospace Engineering front brakes and master cylinder, with a Hurst Roll Control line lock.
  • Custom 7075 rear brake brackets holding Cobra rear calipers and rotors, using EBC Green pads.


  • D51 (Miata size) battery in a custom aluminum tray.
  • Nations Auto high output Alternator.


  • Reid SuperHydra SFI bell and case TH400 automatic, with a Griner G10.2 transbrake reverse manual valve body, Coan 7075 billet direct drum w/ 34 element intermediate sprag, Jakesperformance 300M input and intermediate shaft, and Coan high energy clutches.
  • Ultimate Converter Concepts 4k stall converter.
  • B&M trans cooler with fan, and a B&M Hammer shifter.


  • Dynatech 4” aluminum driveshaft with 1350 U-joints.
  • Lightweight High strength Team Z 9” fab housing with adjustable control arm angles amd Yukon aluminum 9″ 3rd member case, holding a 33-spline Detroit Locker carrier and 3.50 Motive gears,.
  • 33 spline Strange Hy-Tuff axles


  • LFP Heat exchanger
  • 5 gallon intercooler reservoir mounted in spare well of trunk, with a relocated intercooler pump.


  • Maximum Motorsports 6 point rollbar.
  • Corbeau CR1 seats with RCI 5 point drivers seat harness.
  • Raptor shift light.
  • Hilton high boost gauge overlay.
  • PLX wideband and transmission temperature, OLED gauge in a steering column pod.


  • VIS Carbon Fiber hood painted factory color, Redfire.
  • Aerocatch hood latches.

Gallery → 2003 Ford SVT Cobra

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