Oh no 5.Oh! \\ 2011 Mustang GT

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About the S197 5.0..

For the Mustang’s 2011 model year of the S197 Mustang platform, Ford let go of the previous 4.6 liter V8 — a size, and basic design in use since the 1991 Lincoln Town Car — and introduced a new Modular design, 33% more powerful than the V8 it replaced, and with the classic Mustang 5.0 liter designation last seen on the 1995 Mustang. The colloquially known Five Oh had been reborn.

With the 2010 Mustang, Ford updated the retro-inspired design introduced with the 2005 Mustang, marking the lines more aggressively, and improving the interior build quality substantially. With the 2011 engine update, off the showroom floor, it finally had the power to contend for the number one spot in the class which was named after it; the pony car class. While it still retained it’s solid rear axle, careful suspension tuning saw it compete on equal footing with both the 425hp Camaro SS, and the Challenger with its +370hp R/T and +425hp SRT8 model.

One of the hallmarks of the Mustang has, and will always be, the possibilities offered to the owner with regards to customization. Some say that there is no such thing as a stock Mustang, only one that hasn’t been modified yet.

About this 5.0..

This particular GT is no different, yet it retains most of its stock appearance with a carefully selected choice of visual and performance modifications, illustrating how subtle touches go a long way in creating a unique Mustang

  • California Special lower, front valence, Saleen front grille, GT500 rear wing and lower valence.
  • JLT carbon fiber cold air intake, Bassani mufflers, and Fastlane Motorsports dyno tune.
  • Saleen forged 20″ wheels, and Steeda Ultralite lowering springs.

Gallery →  2011 Mustang GT

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