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Edna \\ 2003 Corvette Z06

Gallery → 2003 Corvette Z06

About the C5 Z06..

The 5th generation Corvette, produced from 1997-2004, was originally available only in a coupe body style. Subsequent years added the convertible and the fixed-roof coupe (FRC) to the lineup, but all used the same aluminum small block engine, the LS1 V8. The game changed in 2001 when Chevy refined the FRC with weight-saving components and additional power in the form of the LS6 V8 engine. This exciting package was dubbed the Z06 – a nod to the ultra-rare, high horsepower beast of the 2nd generation Corvette. By 2003, the LS6 produced 405 hp and 400 lbs-ft of torque.

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Blueberry \\ 2004 VW Golf R32

Gallery → 2004 VW Golf R32

About the R32..

The Golf GTI, the original hot hatch GTI of the early 1980s, had seen multiple incarnations by the time the 4th generation Golf was introduced. It had gone from a very lightweight, simple 1.8 liter I4 engined, 1st generation GTI, over the more technically advanced 8 and 16 valve engine varieties in the 2nd generation GTIs, to the bigger, heavier 3rd generation GTI, and even more portly 4th generation GTI. Along the way the power-to-weight ratio of the GTI had gone from interesting to intolerant. Continue reading Blueberry \\ 2004 VW Golf R32

Shelbatoast \\ 1965 AC Cobra replica by Factory Five Racing

Gallery → 1965 AC Cobra replica by Factory Five Racing

About the AC Cobra..

The AC Cobra was the result of what happened when Carroll Shelby, having had reasonable success as a driver on the European sports car racing scene, had to hang up the helmet due to a failing heart, but wanted to stay in racing one way or another. His idea, one that came to change sports car racing, and set the stage for the inevitable Ford against Ferrari showdown, was combining the best of the US with the best of Europe; he wanted to put a large American engine into a small, light European chassis. Continue reading Shelbatoast \\ 1965 AC Cobra replica by Factory Five Racing

Red Dragon \\ 2003 Ford SVT Cobra

 Gallery → 2003 Ford SVT Cobra

About the Terminator..

After Ford had struggled with the production issues with the 1999 SVT Cobra, and struggled to keep up with the competition with the 2001 SVT Cobra, they went the proverbial all-in with the 2003 SVT Cobra. Lovably nicknamed the Terminator, it was conceived due to Ford’s desire to terminate any and all discussions surrounding which manufacturer — Ford, GM, or Pontiac — had the fastest pony car, and terminate it did. Continue reading Red Dragon \\ 2003 Ford SVT Cobra

Oh no 5.Oh! \\ 2011 Mustang GT

Gallery →  2011 Mustang GT

About the S197 5.0..

For the Mustang’s 2011 model year of the S197 Mustang platform, Ford let go of the previous 4.6 liter V8 — a size, and basic design in use since the 1991 Lincoln Town Car — and introduced a new Modular design, 33% more powerful than the V8 it replaced, and with the classic Mustang 5.0 liter designation last seen on the 1995 Mustang. The colloquially known Five Oh had been reborn. Continue reading Oh no 5.Oh! \\ 2011 Mustang GT

Gray Ghost \\ 2004 Ford Mustang Mach 1

Gallery →  2004 Ford Mustang Mach 1

About the Mach 1..

The Mach 1, a name that long ago became legendary in the world of Mustangs, was revived in 2003 by Ford with their 4th generation Pony car. As it was in the late 60s, the Mach 1 performance option package was set to capture the eye of people interested in a Mustang that was just that bit more aggressive, performance wise as well as visually, than stock. Continue reading Gray Ghost \\ 2004 Ford Mustang Mach 1