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About the F150..

The Ford F150 is arguably the most American vehicle ever made.  It couldn’t be more American if it came with a Bald Head eagle propped in the passenger seat. Its the quintessential  family truck that is also the work horse of many small business owners, all the while an oft seen choice with the enthusiast crowds young and old. In short, it is rather popular.


In fact, it is so popular that last year, in the US alone, an F150 sold approximately every 90 seconds. If Ford were to make the F-series truck business its own commercial entity, it would end up on the Fortune 500 list, ranking in somewhere around the #100 mark — or just above McDonald’s and Coca Cola. What’s even more impressive is that it has been the best selling truck for decades, and ultimately the best selling vehicle of all time in the US.


While the Ford F-series entered the world in the years following World War II, it wasn’t until the 6th generation F-series in 1975 that the F-150 was introduced as an equally sized, but more capable version of the F-100 pending tougher emissions standards. It became so popular that the F-100 was discontinued within the subsequent, 7th generation, in 1983.

About Black Betty..

This particular F-150, a late 12th generation truck,  has been outfitted with an assortment of upgrades to make it both more off-road capable as well as on-road intimidating. Its 360hp 5.0 V8, borrowed from the Mustang GT, will certainly allow it to keep up with traffic in the urban landscape, while the 380 lbs/ft of torque combined with its 4WD will let it maneuver most terrains found around the countryside.


  • 20 x 9 Ballastic Scythe Wheels clad in  305/55/20 Toyo Open Country Xtreme Tires, on a 2.5” leveling kit.
  • Raptor exhaust with a Borla muffler.
  • N-FAB R.S.P. Front Bumper & Cab Length Nerf Steps.
  • 32” Cree LED Light Bar & Rigid Industries Dually D2 Driving Lights.
  • Smoked tail lights, third brake light & Ford emblems  front & rear.

Gallery → 2012 Ford F-150 FX4

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